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Stand Firm, Grow or Fly Free with Balanced Negative and Positive Core Beliefs

Current Time in Brisbane


I am looking forward to talking to you about how easy it is to start balancing  your old negative  beliefs with positive beliefs  so you can make powerful changes in your life.

I have been sharing my books with people around the world now for 15 years. Each week I receive e-mails and Skype calls from readers who describe how my work has helped them make powerful and positive changes in their lives.

I also get e-mails asking questions, discussing what they have discovered, wanting to know more. In the past I replied by email but today Skype has become so much more effective. Typing those answers took too much time.

On Skype you can ask questions and get an immediate answer. With our web cameras on  it’s almost the same as talking face to face. Even  serious discussions and EMDR are now as easy as if we were in the same room.

I already enjoy talking with readers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Africa, the Pacific and a number of Middle East and South-East Asian countries.

This is my invitation to you to join me if you have questions and you would like a direct answer. You can start setting up our contact now by putting my Skype name  johnbligh401 into your Skype contacts list. However I cannot talk with you on Skype unless we have arranged the day and time in advance because:

* If I appear as “online” on Skype right now it means I am usually working with another client and cannot be interrupted.

* I also have many clients here in Brisbane so while I am working with them I need to switch Skype off.  

* Because we are on the other side of the world, morning where you are could be after midnight here, or the other way round.

However, once we have booked the day and time you can be confident we will be talking soon afterwards.

What does this cost?

A short Skype or phone question-and-answer talk or a brief discussion for five or six minutes is free to anyone who has already purchased any of the Growing Awareness or Flying Awareness books.  Longer sessions are more worthwhile.

Payment is quick and easy using PayPal. The list below is a guide, but as part of your first session I am more than happy to work out how I can support you because I understand how many of my readers are not be able to meet those rates. Yes, it quite OK to ask me for an adjustment. However in return I may ask you for a short review afterwards and your permission to publish it on my web sites.

Suggested rates:

Five to six minutes on Skype - free to you if you have already purchased any of the Growing Awareness or Flying Awareness books.  

Session 20 minutes - $35.00 USD

Session 45 minutes - $55.00 USD

Session 70 minutes - $85.00 USD

Session 90 minutes - $105.00 USD

Book and pay for three sessions in advance:

Three 45 minute sessions - $140.00 USD

Three 70 minute sessions - $195.00 USD

Three 90 minute sessions - $245.00 USD

Book and pay for five sessions in advance:

Five 45 minute sessions - $200.00 USD

Five 70 minute sessions - $310.00 USD (see Bonus Package N-350 below)

Five 90 minute sessions - $395.00 USD


Skype Package S-50 - One 50 minute session plus your choice of any  two (2) sets of Growing Awareness or Flying Awareness titles. Value $87(sent as pdf files) Total $59.00 USD.

Skype Package N-100 - One 100 minute session plus every Growing Awareness and Flying Awareness book. Value $160 (sent as pdf files) Total $115.00 USD.

Skype Package N-350 - Five 70 minute sessions plus every Growing Awareness and Flying Awareness book (sent as pdf files) $340.00 USD.

Bonus: If any session runs over the booked time there is no additional charge. No extra charge for EMDR.