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Stand Firm, Grow or Fly Free with Balanced Negative and Positive Core Beliefs

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Relationship Secret Number One -

If you can identify your real relationship problems, you can fix your relationship problems.

Millions of words have been written about relationships, but most of those words are about symptoms.  They miss the point.  The closer your relationship with another person, the less it has to do with words.

What makes a relationship work or not work has about 40% to do with each person’s childhood history and in particular any childhood trauma. That will have a major effect on each person’s current emotions and energies which will make uo another 45%

Only about 10% has to do with their actions and less than 5% with their words.

Instead of talking about the symptoms, it is most effective to use a greater awareness of feelings and energies to identify and fix the real relationship problems.

Relationships Secret Number Two

A good relationship is not one that is free of conflict or disagreement.

 It’s a partnership where, if a problem surfaces, the two partners talk together about ways to resolve the problem, ways that are:

·        comfortable for both

·        work for both

·        balanced

·        fair

·        moderate

Inner Matriarch & Inner Patriarch

At the heart of so much of the fighting in relationships are two extremely dangerous and foreign systems - the Inner Matriarch and the Inner Patriarch. They fight each other constantly and they encourage fights particularly between men and women.

The only thing they have in common is that they are both dedicated to keeping all men and all women out of loving,trusting successful grown-up relationships at home, at work or anywhere else.

While these two characters are fighting they destroy our friendships, break down trust, kill love. Depending on which of the toxic two are the more powerful they can block self awareness in males or clamp females. They can stop everyone from growing their self awareness and self empowerment.

To find out how to deal with these two dangerous characters and undo the harm they have created fighting their endless battles inside us - go to Inner Matriarch & Patriarch Article on this website.


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