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Stand Firm, Grow or Fly Free with Balanced Negative and Positive Core Beliefs

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What people are saying about  Understanding and Balancing Your Negative Core Beliefs

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This is something I have been looking for, for ages. The straightforward discussion and examples make understanding and using the emotional age guide so easy.  It is working for me already. Please send me a copy of your new book.

Karl  - California USA


Being reminded of the younger parts of myself that have been driving my bus helps me realise just where I've come from. I have lunged into relationships knowing something was 'amiss' yet still ploughing ahead. These inevitably became dysfunctional and toxic. Because I had so little awareness of my younger inner child parts those frightened parts of myself often jumped into the driver’s seat.

I was always on the look out for 'trouble' just as you describe in your book, a trait that I developed as a child, being raised with a highly emotional and volatile mother.

I did not realise that this was still, at times, taking control of my life - as a 'grown up'.

This work is integral to every human being.

It will help one understand the nuts and bolts of one's own self.

It will change the way you view yourself and will empower you in ways you didn't see possible.

I thank the powers that be every day, that I was open enough to listen and to begin using this amazingly simple and wonderful healing process .

Lara -  Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia


Just found your website by chance today. Your insightful explanation of Negative Core Belief issues is already helping me to change some of the things that are happening in my life. I'd love a copy of your book.

Sunshine  - Denver USA


I  have had so much experience with Gestalt, TA and other self-awareness processes and modalities. None of them helped much with my problems.

Since I started using this book in just a few weeks this has changed for me.

Gillian – Brighton - Queensland Qld Australia


Reviews  Feedback and Testimonials

What people are saying about the Emotional Age Guide

If you would like to add your own story here please e-mail it to




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